PuntOnDogs.com.au - Only Greyhound Bookmaker with The Get On Guarantee®

If you're a dog punter that's had their dog punting limited or restricted by any of the large Australian wagering operators, then you will love our exclusive Get On Guarantee!®

We are the only Australian greyhound bookmaker that offers The Get On Guarantee®. In fact, no other bookie in Australia of any kind has such an offer (as far as we know.)

At PuntOnDogs.com.au we guarantee to let any punter place bets on any runner and win up to the current Get On Guarantee® limit (Win and Place combined), as long as the bet is placed at least 5 minutes before the race start time.

As at 1st November 2021 the Get On Guarantee® limit is $1000.

Early bets that are more than the Get On Guarantee® limit are usually accepted most times (when the bet manager is on duty), but Get On Guarantee® bets are always automatically accepted.

As we grow we will be looking to increase the Get On Guarantee® limit, so stick with us as your preferred greyhound bookmaker.

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